Trip Code of Conduct

Hopefully this is common sense to most people.

Beds: The club does its best to place couples in queen/king beds and individuals in twin beds. In some cases this is not possible. In situations where twin beds are not available in a unit, couples shall yield the largest bed to the two individuals that have to share a bed. Being a couple does not automatically entitle you to the master suite.

Guests: Last minute impromptu guests are permitted only with the permission of the trip chairperson and with the appropriate payment of membership and/or guest fees. Under no circumstances may a participant invite someone to stay in a unit without the permission of the trip chairperson. Any club banned members are not allowed in the rooms, condos, vehicles or other club rented facilities

Party Room: On some trips, a party room is provided to the participants. Non-trip persons may not attend a party without the permission of the trip chairperson. An appropriate fee may be assessed. Given that the party room is occupied by people that desire a good night’s sleep, the party shall end at a reasonable hour.

Noise: It is a certainty that we will be sharing the hotel/condo with other non-ski-club people. Many of them may have small children and may not share our enthusiasm for late night libations. Please be considerate! Move yourself and your bags into your room as quietly as possible. Talking loudly (or any other activity that makes noise) in the hallways is NOT permitted! If you are getting a group together to go out, assemble the group in a room or outside the building.

Ground Transportation: On some trips the club provides rental vehicles for use by trip participants. The use of the vehicle is determined by the democratic decision of the occupants. Please be respectful of the drivers, they should not be considered a personnel chauffeur. The vehicles are primarily for transportation to and from the ski areas. No one, including drivers, should consider the vehicle primarily for their own personal use.

Bathrooms: All bathrooms in a unit are communal, within reason. After skiing, bathrooms in a unit should be accessible to the next person needing to use it. The master bath in a unit is not necessarily for the exclusive use of the persons occupying the master suite. This does not imply that anyone in the unit may transition the master bedroom in the middle of the night to get to the master bath. People should always use good judgment and use the most accessible bathroom without disturbing others.

Pets: Pets are generally not permitted. On certain trips, pets may be permitted when the property management allows it, and the trip chairperson agrees to it, and all persons sharing the unit agree to it.

Weapons: Lockheed Martin employees or any individual attending a Company Sponsored Employee Organization event or representing Lockheed Martin in any manner are NOT permitted to carry a personally owned weapon in accordance with CRX-054

Last of all: NO WHINING! Constructive suggestions are welcome.